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FASC is proud to have recently been awarded the SwiMark Plus accreditation following a full review of the club by Sean Dawson the Regional Development Manager for Scottish Swimming.

SwiMark Plus

What this means is that Scottish Swimming recognises what FASC is doing to increase participation in the sport, the sporting opportunities it is providing children in the local community and the work that the club is doing to improve its swimmers. The standard of coaching and the dedication of our coaches and volunteers was highly commended. The club has also been recognised for providing and developing a safe, effective and child friendly environment.


The award demonstrates that the club are leading the way in setting new standards for swimming in the community including strong coaching and effective management structures and everyone connected with the club should be congratulated especially as all the work is being delivered on a voluntary basis.

As well as our certificate, the club will receive an education voucher which can be used on any UKCC course or Scottish Swimming CPD.

Scottish Swimming recognises the important role clubs can play to increase participation and improve the quality of sporting opportunities for the benefit of the local community. SwiMark/SwiMark Plus, DiveMark/DiveMark Plus, PoloMark/PoloMark Plus and SynchroMark/ SynchroMark Plus are Scottish Swimming’s quality aquatic development programmes for clubs.

The aim of accreditation is to provide a nationally recognised standard that will enable clubs to:

  • Develop safe, effective and child friendly environments, based on good practice
  • Improve participants experience through well trained teachers and volunteers
  • Encourage lifelong participation through sustainable development pathways

Find out more about the Scottish Swimming Club Accreditation Scheme here

SwimMark Plus Presentation Photos


Forfar Amateur Swimming Club (FASC) encourages swimmers to compete at the highest level possible and to achieve continuous improvement through competition.

The club has two teams competing in the Midland District Tayside Age group Leagues, one team currently in the Premier Division and the other team competing in the 2nd Division. These teams are selected based on performance with regard to the Club galas in June and November each year. Swimmers do not pay when competing for these league teams. Swimmers are encouraged to wear club costumes, tops, shorts and swim caps when competing for the team and these are all available.

It is important that swimmers take a note of the dates of the league galas and make every effort to attend, as it is very disappointing for other swimmers if relay teams are not complete and the club also loses valuable points. The dates for all these galas are available on the website. These events are fun events and give swimmers the opportunity to swim in a team atmosphere against other swimmers of similar abilities.

FASC also encourages swimmers to enter the following swimming competitions, where swimmers have the appropriate qualifying times; Midland District Age Group, Disability and Open Championships (50m course); Dundee City Aquatics (DCA) Mini Meet; St Thomas and Menzieshill/Whitehall Mini Meets: Midland District Distance Meet; DCA Stars of the Future; Midlands Sprints; DCA Autumn Meet; the Midland District Graded Meet; Tayside Schools; Santa’s Elves Meet and other meets from time to time. The costs for these events are typically £5.00 per swim. If the club enters relay teams into any of these events, the club will cover these costs.

Notice will be given well in advance of these external meets through ‘messenger’ (see procedure on website download). Swimmers are encouraged to compete and if they are in any doubt, they should discuss the situation with their coach. The swimmer should then respond using ‘messenger’. Payment should be made by Direct Banking.

The club must submit entries well in advance of these competitions so please take note of deadlines. Sometimes these competitions can be oversubscribed, under these circumstances swimmers will be refunded any entry fees submitted.

The club also holds their own club galas in June and in November at Forfar Campus. An Individual Medley (IM) gala will also be held at an appropriate time.

Details on the various competitions

Midlands District Age Group, Disability and Open Championships

These Championships are held in early February (at Dundee Olympia) over a Friday evening, Saturday & Sunday and swimmers must have the appropriate accredited times to enter the meet and be over 11. Events are held for all strokes at 50,100 & 200 metres. These Championships give the ideal opportunity for swimmers to gain times for the Scottish National Age Group Championships held in March/April. Age group relay events are also held at this event. The events are long course (50m)

Dundee City Aquatics Mini Gala

This meet is held on a Sunday in early March and attracts entries from many clubs in Scotland, Events are held over a distance of 50 metres for all strokes with three age groups, 8-9 years, 10 years & 11 year olds. This meet gives the opportunity for many young swimmers to enter their first competitive gala.

Midlands District Distance Meet

This meet is held at the beginning of May at Dundee Olympia over Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. The Distance Meet features 200 metre events in all strokes, including the 200 metre individual medley (IM). In addition to these there are longer distance swims of 400 metre IM and freestyle events over 400 metre, 800 metre and 1,500 metres.

Stars of the Future

Held on a Sunday at the start of June over one day and is limited to those of 10, 11 and 12 years of age. This event tends to attract many top young swimmers and can have challenging qualification times. This event allows swimmers to gauge their progress against many top swimmers from around Scotland. The event features events at 50 metres for all strokes (100 metres for 12 year olds) and the 100 metre IM.

Midlands District Sprints

Held over one day at the start of September with 50 metre events for all strokes along with the 100 metre IM.

The Midland District and Graded Meet

Held at the beginning of November over a Saturday and Sunday. Swimmers who are 10 and over and who have not Midland Championship times can enter these championships with the opportunity to gain “Too fast” times allowing swimmers to then swim in the Midland District Age Group Championships. Finals are held for each event for those swimmers who do not achieve “Championship” times. Events are held over 100m all strokes, 200m all strokes and IM, 400IM, 200m medley and freestyle relays (10-13 and 14+).

Santa’s Elves Meet

Organised by Stonehaven Swimming Club and takes place at Montrose Pool in early December. It is a fun meet, ideal for those at Junior Coaching and beginning to compete. Swimmers wear fancy dress (and the coaches and officials also).

Development Squads

Over the summer, swimmers with appropriate times will be put forward for the Angus Area Squad, the Angus Development Squad, and the Tayside Bronze Squad. Those chosen will receive additional regular training with the other top swimmers from Angus and Tayside. Young swimmers who are lacking 100m times for the Development squad can take part in the Carnegie Graded Spring Meet to get the times to qualify for the squad in January.

It is important for swimmers to attend as many training sessions as possible and to work hard. The only failure is the failure to try your best.

We hope that you enjoy your swimming and progress well.

Privacy Policy

This document sets out the FASC privacy policy

What we need – what information we collect about you/our members

Forfar Amateur Swimming Club, will be a “controller” of the personal information that you/our members provide to the club.

When you become a new member or renew membership (including if you are the parent(s) registering or renewing on behalf of a child under the age of 18), we will ask you/our members for the following personal information:

FASC membership application form

Contact details - name, address, date of birth, gender, email address (for children under the age of 18 the email address is that of the parent), doctor/gps contact details (necessary for emergency use only).

Membership criteria – swimming / non-swimming member/ coach or other poolside helper or volunteer / parent

Nominated club details – name of 1st and 2nd club, sasa membership number

FASC desk duty rota form

Contact details – name of member/swimmer(s); name of person nominated for desk duty, telephone number(s) and email address for person undertaking desk duty.  Details of communicating desk duty eg facebook/email.  Details of when you/your child/children swim and times person nominated for desk duty prefers to be included on the desk duty rota.

Emergency contact details form

Names and dates of birth for member/swimmers, emergency contact details – name, address, telephone numbers, email address, relationship to member/swimmer.  Contact details for doctor/gp – name, telephone number.

FASC code of conduct form

Name of member/swimmer.

Mobile phone policy form

Name and signature of member/swimmer and/or parents name and signature if required, relevant mobile phone number.

Confidential information form – (equalities information)

Name of member/swimmer, date of birth, details of any health and/or disabilities including allergies, learning/behavioural issues.

Why we need your personal information – contractual purposes

FASC need to collect your/our members’ personal information so that we can manage club memberships.  We will use your/members’ personal information as noted above, and to:

  • Provide all members with insurance (via scottish amateur swimming association), pvg checks where necessary, administer your membership to the club, send your membership and committee information by post or email as preferred including, but not limited to membership renewals and information on membership changes/ benefits.

If you do not provide the club with all of the information requested this may affect the information/club support offered to you.

Club volunteers may require to provide additional information when being booked on cpd courses and other training events and the information held on record may be shared with third parties including training providers and other clubs hosting events/training.

If you/member volunteers do not provide all of the personal information requested this may affect the clubs’ ability to book you/member volunteers on events.

Why we need your personal information – legitimate

FASC will also process members’ personal information in connection with our legitimate interests to:

  • Promote and encourage participation in swimming galas and other aquatic events by sending members’ communications and booking information for upcoming competitions and events.  Our competitions and events may be filmed or photographed and members personal information used in images captured from competitions and events which the club uses for promotional, education and development purposes).
  • Accepting and managing entries for competitions and events to ensure members are entered into the correct categories.
  • Inform and invite members to upcoming courses, renewal requirements, mandatory training and pvg/child protection requirements.
  • Respond and communicate with you regarding your questions, comments, support needs or complaints, concerns or allegations in relation to FASC members.

Where we process your personal information in pursuit of our legitimate interests, you have the right to object to us using your personal information for the above purposes.  If you wish to object to any of the above processing of your information, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

If we agree and comply with your objection, this may affect you’re the clubs’ ability to undertake the tasks above for the benefit of your membership.

  • PVG – protection of vulnerable groups

As required, we will need to collect personal information in relation to criminal convictions or alleged commission of criminal offences where you are required to complete a PVG check under the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) act 2007.  This information will include your PVG certificate number, PVG membership number, date of issue and any relevant information in relation to your membership of the PVG scheme.

If an individuals’ PVG certificate is not clear, we will have a legitimate interest to collect references and any other applicable information to allow us to consider whether or not that individual can volunteer in a regulated role with children or vulnerable adults.

Who we share your personal information with

FASC will share your personal information with coaches and club officials as required, other swimming clubs as required for participation in and at swimming galas and events.  This privacy notice applies to FASC’s own website only.  Should you link to other websites (via the FASC website) you should read the relevant privacy notice of any linked pages, as this will differ to our clubs.

Club competition results and promotional ‘news’ is publicised on the clubs’ website this includes names, ages and results/prize winners and club achievers.

Keeping your information accurate & how we protect your personal information

You are responsible for ensuring the information the club holds about you or your child/children if under 18 is accurate.  Any changes should be communicated to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

If you believe that any of your personal information is inaccurate or incomplete, you have a right to request that we correct or complete your personal information.

If you wish your information to be deleted this can only be actioned if you or your child/children no longer wish to be members.

Your personal information will not be transferred outwith the eu unless there are appropriate safeguards in place as set out in the general data protection regulations.

How long we keep your personal information

FASC will only keep your personal information for as long as necessary to provide you with member services.  This is likely to be for the period you remain a member of FASC.  Should you leave FASC as a member your details will be deleted after six months.

Changes to this privacy policy

FASC will keep this privacy policy under regular review and we will endeavour to retain an up to date copy on the FASC website.  This privacy policy was written in May 2018.

How to contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions about this privacy notice or information we hold about you or your child/children by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All new members looking to join FASC should enquire via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.