SwiMark Plus

FASC is proud to have recently been awarded the SwiMark Plus accreditation following a full review of the club by Sean Dawson the Regional Development Manager for Scottish Swimming.

SwiMark Plus

What this means is that Scottish Swimming recognises what FASC is doing to increase participation in the sport, the sporting opportunities it is providing children in the local community and the work that the club is doing to improve its swimmers. The standard of coaching and the dedication of our coaches and volunteers was highly commended. The club has also been recognised for providing and developing a safe, effective and child friendly environment.


The award demonstrates that the club are leading the way in setting new standards for swimming in the community including strong coaching and effective management structures and everyone connected with the club should be congratulated especially as all the work is being delivered on a voluntary basis.

As well as our certificate, the club will receive an education voucher which can be used on any UKCC course or Scottish Swimming CPD.

Scottish Swimming recognises the important role clubs can play to increase participation and improve the quality of sporting opportunities for the benefit of the local community. SwiMark/SwiMark Plus, DiveMark/DiveMark Plus, PoloMark/PoloMark Plus and SynchroMark/ SynchroMark Plus are Scottish Swimming’s quality aquatic development programmes for clubs.

The aim of accreditation is to provide a nationally recognised standard that will enable clubs to:

  • Develop safe, effective and child friendly environments, based on good practice
  • Improve participants experience through well trained teachers and volunteers
  • Encourage lifelong participation through sustainable development pathways

Find out more about the Scottish Swimming Club Accreditation Scheme here

SwimMark Plus Presentation Photos